#Myforeverlove19 > Joan Stepped Out Of The Friend-Zone Into a Relationship With Gbenga

We need to show our friends love, especially when they are introducing us to a “Potential Boo”.

That’s typically how Joan and Gbenga‘s love saga came through. They were introduced by one of Joan’s best girls, they later became friends and afterward, Gbenga realized he couldn’t do without her. Voila!! A year after the proposal and they are walking down the aisle this weekend. 😍 😢

Ok, this is how the love saga started by the bride-to-be, Joan >

Gbenga and I were introduced in 2015 by one of my best girls. We were friends for a bit but didn’t date because Gbenga didn’t want to be a cradle snatcher 😩. I got tired of being friends with him and decided to move on at which point Gbenga realized that he couldn’t do without me! In October 2018 after we had breakfast, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever love and a year after we’re ready to say yes I do!

You want to see photos? Les go!! 🏃🏻


Planner: @bankysuevents
Makeup: @vershona
Photography: @akintayotimi


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